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Stanton, California

Northstar has been a leading manufacturer of hardwall and pop-up truck campers since 1961. Northstar campers are constructed with high-quality materials that will allow you to use them for years to come.

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Northstar Camper Guide

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Pop-up Campers For Smaller Trucks

Northstar 600SS

Floor Length: 6’3″
Dry Weight: 1258 Lbs.

Pop-up Campers For Short Bed Trucks

Northstar TC650

Floor Length: 6’8″
Dry Weight: 1405 Lbs.

Northstar 650SC

Floor Length: 6’8″
Dry Weight: 1610 Lbs.

Pop-up Campers For Short Bed & Long Bed Trucks

Northstar 850SC

Floor Length: 8’6″
Dry Weight: 1785 Lbs.

Northstar Hardwall Campers

Hardwall Campers For Short Bed Trucks Only

Northstar Liberty

Floor Length: 7′
Dry Weight: 1175 Lbs.

Hardwall Campers For Short and Long Bed Trucks

Northstar Laredo SC

Floor Length: 8′ 6″
Dry Weight: 2090 Lbs.

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